Undead are corpses reanimated by magic or human Blight. There are many different types of undead on Eden such as ghosts and skeletons which stir in long abandoned tombs. The mummified remains of Haksoon royalty do not rest easy in their blight-stricken land.


The weakest and most basic of undead creatures are the Zombies. Zombies on Eden are the product of continued exposure to Blight after death, and so Zombies are extremely common on Eden.

Eden zombies dont look like most zombies you see on TV. Rather, they look like emaciated, but intact corpses with an unnatural pale-white flesh and no body hair at all. Most disturbing of all, Eden’s zombies have no eyes…or eye sockets. Regardless of what race the creature originally came from, for reasons unknown it loses its eyes and eye sockets when it transforms into a zombie. To make up for its lost eyes, Eden Zombies have a powerful sense of smell almost as good as a bloodhound. Their finger and toenails become long black talons.

When it is first created, the zombies are mindless automatons that will blindly serve any creature with a powerful enough will. The Zombies of Eden are also not slow or shambolic, but are fast (like the 28 days later zombies) and cannibalistic. If left to their own devises the zombies will wander around aimlessly until they find prey. Any prey. Interestingly, zombies do not attack other undead.

While all zombies are originally ‘born’ mindless, in time they actually become more intelligent. Zombies that have survived for a few years develop cunning and a sense of timing. Zombies that live for a decade are able to speak a few words.

After several decades of existence a Zombie will become a Zombie-Lord, a fully intelligent undead monster that draws other zombies to it like moths to a flame. Zombie-Lords are powerful creatures able to command their hordes of slaves with absolute authority and often have the ability to use Blight as a physical weapon. Zombie Lords are more than capable of speech and often make deals with other evil beings.

Zombies seem to have an intimate relationship to Blight Dragons, as anything the Blight Dragon slays is virtually guaranteed to become a zombie…eventually…

Among the threat of Zombies, there are many forms of the restless dead. One of these, are ghosts,specters, shades and several other forms of phantasms. Some are harmless to people, but but are none the less frightening, as many of these phantasms exist to warn those of danger. However the vast majority of undead spirits are violent and dangerous. Some of these, like poltergeists, are malevolent tricksters, who sustain their life force by bringing pain and suffering to the living.

The range of these spirits power varies widely. Some ghosts can only haunt certain area’s, and others can only haunt teacups. But don’t underestimate a ghost, for they can be very, very powerfull. spirits often commune with the living, beconing them for help, or into a trap. Whatever the case, the traveling adventurer should always be wary of phantoms from beyond the grave.


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