Tiefling 2

When the great barrier between the physical world and the Abyss was broken by Yeenoghu and his forces poured forth into Bast, the Haksoon as a nation where virtually destroyed. Only a scattered number of their people remain, wandering the wastelands of their own creation, a constant reminder of their past evils. However, there is another legacy that blights the Haksoon much closer to home.

Very rarely, a Haksoon mother will give birth to something only part-human. Known as Tieflings, these beings are part human and part demonic. They appear as humans with a skin color that varies from deep tan to bright red. They all have a set of curving horns upon their head and long, reptilian tails. Most are born with black hair, but a few have stranger colors. Tieflings have all the intelligence of a human, and although they are partially demonic they are not innately evil, though societies treatment of them often pushes them into acts of malevolence. Interestingly, the offspring of a Tiefling and a human are always tieflings, but tieflings cannot create offspring between themselves.

No one knows where the Tieflings originated from. Some say that they are a curse upon the Haksoon by the gods while others believe that they are the offspring of demonic rape during the time Yeenoghu’s hordes ravaged their empire.

Almost all the peoples of Eden despise tieflings, seeing them as worse than demons. Tieflings however are not born any more or less evil than any other race. The Haksoon look upon the Tieflings born in their midst just like any other family member. Tieflings often leave their tribe after they come of age so that their people will not be the targets of prejudice from others.

Life is hard on Eden, and even harder for a Tiefling. Its hardly any wonder that, shunned from civilization and spat upon by everyone, many Tieflings choose to ally with evil creatures for revenge. However, many tieflings find employment as gladiators where they make excellent anti-heroes for the crowed.

Many tieflings are born with supernatural powers drawn from both their Haksoon and demonic heritage. It is considered very bad luck to kill a tiefling, though it would be a very hard task in the first place.


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