The Jungle Continent (Jawloye-Ayohusa)

Across the ocean lies an unknown land known as the Jungle Continent or Jawloye-Ayohusa to the Lizardfolk that inhabit it. The handful of Edeners who have seen it and returned describe a land covered in lush vegetation, where it rains every day and the sounds of hundreds of animals can be heard. They also gimps huge stone temples and monuments rising from the treeline.

The Haksoon believed they had destroyed all the Lizardfolk thousands of years ago, but in reality they had only destroyed a section of a vast empire that stretched across the ocean, and many Lizardfolk survived and made it back to their home shores.

Here in their home continent the Lizardfolk have grown strong and mighty. While their military technology might be considered somewhat primitive, they have mastered powerful magic abilities and learned to control many of the creatures native to their strange land. Whats worse, it is widely believed that the Lizardmen Civilisation is ruled by dragons, beings with the might to singlehandedly destroy entire cities.

The Lizardmen have retained a grudge for humanity, but right now see little to be gained other than bloodshed in attacking Eden. Why should they fight over a land of inhospitable sand when their own continent is lush and full of life? Let the humans roast in their own oven…

The Jungle Continent (Jawloye-Ayohusa)

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