Located just bellow the shadow The Fangs, Tahir is the largest and most populace city on Eden. Known by the moniker “Fertile Crescent”, it boasts massive slave worked fields of crops outside the cities walls.

The cities wealth and population are are all due to one thing. Its location. Due to the fact the city is in the shadow of The Fang mountains, which function as a ‘cloud blocker’, the city receives nearly constant rain and several mighty rivers formed from rain and melted snow flow down from the mountains and empty into its fields. Here, water is common.

Tahir is ruled by the Tyrant-Lord Oman Kalar. Entering his fiftieth year, Oman is widely considered to be a benevolent, if overly cosmopolitan ruler. He has made Tahir the center of trade on Eden and virtually anything can be found here. More used to battling crime than raiders, the military of Tahir is much less formidable than what one would believe it to be.

Tahir boasts many exotic locals:

The Kalar Palace

The Tyrant-Lords palace is closed to the public, but those who have seen it consider it to be one of the grandest dwelling places on Eden.

The Grand Temple

In the center of Tahir is a massive temple dedicated to all the gods. Due to feats of unimaginable engineering (and some whisper magic) the temple looks like a single, solid block of stone that has been carved into rather than constructed. The Temple is open to the public at all hours of the day and has a significant garrison of guards.

The Market

Tahir’s market is massive and sprawling, taking up a significant quarter of the city. Virtually anything can be found somewhere in Tahir’s markets.

The Pools

Spaced throughout Tahir are several large public swimming pools. Considered a wonder of Eden, the pools alone attract hundreds of tourists.

The Fields

Outside Tahir are the massive government owned fields where slaves work to bring in crops. It is only because of the miles of worked fields that the city can support its massive population.

The Colosseum

Due to the general happyness of the population, Tahir’s Colosseum was recently closed. No one is quite sure what happened to the hundreds of exceedingly dangerous animals and monsters that where housed there. The government insists they where sold to a traveling circus, but many doubt this claim simply because no animal trainer would be stupid enough to purchase a Tembo.


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