Magic, the Gods, the Demons and the Law

What is Magic on Eden?

Well, there is no single answer to that question because there are different kinds of magic unique to each race.

Humanity Human magic is the most overtly powerful magic, but also the most dangerous. Humans draw the energy to use their magic from the environment around them, a process known as ‘blighting’ the land. Plants and animals whither and die and the very earth itself becomes barren and incapable of supporting life.

Human magic was officially banned, but this is only partially enforced and usually only within the cities.

Elves Elves draw their magic from the power not from the land, but instead from the boundless Spirit Realm, a plane of existence separate from the mortal world but to which all Elves have an innate connection. The Spirit Realm has boundless energy within it, so Elvish magic has no cost but cannot reach the sheer levels of destructive might human magic can accomplish.

Gnolls and Tieflings Like Elves, Gnolls and Tieflings draw the energy for their magic from another plane of existence, but for these races it is the Abyss rather than the Spirit Realm.

Lizardfolk The reptilian Lizardfolk have only recently begun exploring their magical talents, but it appears that they draw their energy from the Spirit Realm in a manor similar to the Elves.

Nagpas No one has any real proof of where the vile Nagpas gain their magical powers, but many believe they siphon it off vampiricly from other creatures. It would not be out of character for these cruel beings.

Artisans Physical objects like weapons, armour or even candlesticks can be created that are magical. The process of creating a magical item is learned, not innate so anyone can do it. When an artisan creates the magical object in question, the item draws its energy from the effort the artisan put into its creation. A more powerful item requires a much more tedious and lengthy creation time. It is possible though to draw even more power from the Spirit Realm or the Abyss and harness it into the object, but doing so is risky, because the item could become possessed by a spirit or demon.

The Cosmology of Eden : The Planes

There are three dimensions (or more widely called planes) in the cosmology of Eden. There is the Mortal Plane which is Eden itself. There is the Abyss or the Hellish plane which is also linked to the mortal plane and there is the Spirit Realm which is linked to the mortal plane as well.

The mortal plane is the physical world. Eden and most things on it are native to the mortal plane.

The Abyss is a hellish plane of existence where demons rampage in a dimension with no natural laws, boundaries or limits. No one is quite sure whether demons inspired mortal nightmares or if mortal nightmares first spawned demons. The Abyss contains within it boundless energy, though it is corrupt and from this very energy are spawned the demons.

The Spirit Realm is a the mirror opposite of the Abyss. It is also a realm of unabated energy and from this are created numerous beings. These beings are so lacking in malevolence that they also lack in resolve and so only a few actively try to increase their power inside the Spirit Realm (unlike the demons which are so driven by malice and the drive to dominate that their endless infighting consumes the vast majority of their attentions). It is important to note that many beings in the spirit realm can be extremely nasty, and often the only difference between them and a demon is that they where not born in the Abyss.

The Spirit Realm and the Abyss are linked to Eden by the thoughts of mortal beings which give the two realms their existence. Any dramatic changes in the mortal realm will have consequence in the two other realms. The best example of this would be the destruction of Edens environment by human Blight which caused a massive upheaval in both realms.

While all three planes are separate from each other, it is possible to travel to another plane by opening a gateway to it. Doing so requires a vast amount of energy however, and so is impossible for most individuals.

In addition to these three planes, there exists what some would consider a third plane known as the Outer Dark. The reason it is called the Outer Dark is because no one has any idea what exactly dwells there or anything about it. All who have gazed to long into this plane have gone completely and irreversibly insane.

Spell books

Most spell books where burnt in great pyres that shimmered in technicolor majesty from the raw aether being seared from the pages of tomes that contained the most sacred and damning of magic texts. After that, the non-humans passed their knowledge of magic orally and through teaching by example, but where forced into hiding because of the superstition of the peasantry that often proved deadly. Though the majority of magic knowledge slipped into darkness and was erased from memory, some records still exist such as Perivals Potion Possibilities and Propositions, Smiting Spells, Violent Vapors, The Great Big Book of Useless Spells, and Infamous Incendiaries. Though the books are known to exist, there are others which escaped destruction. They are rear and powerful, and can be sold at the immense prices to the right person.

The Law of Conservation of Awesome (or just The Law)

Basically, The Law is a mechanic that functions on Eden, though the people who live there have no idea it exists. At its most basic level, The Law of Conservation of Awesome states that when a person does something awesome, more awesome things happen to them.

Eventually, as a person becomes more and more awesome they will begin to break the other laws of reality in minor ways. For example, a person will be able to jump just a little higher than is physically possible, or will be able to punch a little harder than they should be able to. They will also begin to age much more slowly. (it should be noted, that these are all MINOR gains. A human can not jump twenty feet into the air no matter how awesome they are!)

When this accumulated awesome reaches a certain critical point the mortal being in question ceases to be mortal and transcends into godhood. This has only happened in extremely rare situations because attaining godhood requires a substantial mortal following as well as an almost unbelievable amount of awesome. (It should also be noted, that the Law applies to good as well as evil deeds. It is indiscriminate.)

Who are the gods of Eden?

Avandra: Goddess of Luck, trade, travel and change

Corellon: Elven god of spring, magic, the arts, and beauty

Erathis: Godess of Laws, Civilisation and invention

Kord: God of Storms, Strength, Battle and Hunting

Melora: Goddess of the wilderness, sea and animals

Moradin: God of Artisans, creation and family

Pelor: God of healing, the sun, crops and summer

Raven Queen: Death, Winter, Fate

Sehanine: Elven Goddess of Autumn, trickery, and love

Gruumsh: Goblinoid god of Strength and Honor

Many theorize that the White Gnoll is in the process of becoming a god of the Gnolls.

It is not known where exactly the gods of Eden dwell, but many theorize it is in the Spirit Realm. Though the gods seem content to let mortals handle their own problems, sometimes they lend a helping hand or give a push in the right direction.

Magic, the Gods, the Demons and the Law

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