Maghrib, infamously known as “The Fist”, is an autocratic militaristic city ruled by the Tyrant-Lord Xeron Numas. Maghrib is a nation ruled by the military, where its arms-crazed tyrant has begun the forced conscription of all its occupants.

Maghrib has some of the best weapon-smiths and artisans on Eden. Its other main export are highly trained mercenaries. The marketplaces of Maghrib are small and regularly patrolled. There are only a few highlights to the city.

The Weapons Quarter

Inside Maghribs relatively small marketplace is the ‘Weapons Quarter’, where some of the finest implements of death can be found, including magical items. Despite its name, armour of equally high quality is sold here.

The Colosseum

To keep the populace’s mind occupied and away from usurping the Tyrant-Lord, Maghribs Colosseum is large and has almost daily shows. The Gladiators who fight here are as highly trained as the military. Its widely believed that if a gladiator can win here, he can win anywhere.


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