In Eden all humans are decedents of one of the Three Great Tribes, the Haksoon, Imer and the Wayah. Each Great Tribe has its own history, culture and physical characteristics.


The oldest of the Great Tribes, the Haksoon created the first civilization on Eden. Racially the Haksoon have olive-tan skin and strait black hair with dark eyes. They are known for being excellent metal workers and for having a great number of individuals be born sorcerers.

The Haksoon have a deep and complex culture, but the majority of it was lost with their empire. Now only a few artifacts and relics remain. The Haksoon now wander the Dune Sea and Great Savanna in tribal groups. Due to the huge amount of prejudice agaisnt their tribe, the cities will not allow any number of Haksoon to stay nearby for very long.

While most Haksoon are just trying to survive on Eden and are not evil, many live up to their infamous reputation and continue to worship demonic forces and practice evil sorcery.


The Imer are an oddity among the tribes because of their insistence for retaining old customs. They are often called the “Horse-Lords” because of their talent for riding and breeding horses. Racily the Imer resemble the Haksoon in many ways.

Culturally however they are very different. The Imer have been traveling the deserts of Eden for their entire existence and so they are experts at surviving in this inhospitable land. It is widely believed that the Imer know the location of every oases and watering hole in the Dune Sea. The Imer are a hearty and jovial folk, more than willing to welcome travelers into their camps for a time and to point them in the right direction.

The Imer and the Niyyat Gnolls have a friendly relationship and even the Elves, known for their distrust and hatred of humanity respect this humble tribe and do not raid them. While friendly on the surface, the Imer can be ferocious in combat and they use their knowledge of the desert and excellent horsemanship to make devastating raids against their enemies.


The Wayah are the most prosperous of the great tribes with a population greater than the Imer and Haksoon combined and then doubled. Racially they are very diverse with some having features similar to the Haksoon, while others have pale skin and red hair. The only commonality among them is the desire for an ordered society. It was the Wayah that began the process of rebuilding after the cataclysm and which reside in the cities.


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