After the magic of man destroyed the landscape, the races dominating the region now resided under by the site of the city now known as Hkokor banded together, and founded a realm of mutual understanding. The city became prosperous and the jewel among the sands in a world of hate and conflict.

The ruling oligarchy consists of members from each of the races residing in the township, Humans, Goblins, Gnolls, Tieflings, and Elves, all with equal presence in the court. This was a utopia of friendship for an era, but it was not to last, for one day a stranger would arive to ruin the peace, but it was not famine, war, lust, or anarchy. In fact it was quite the contrary. Justice.

The day that the gnoll called Yyxle Yahp’ka arived to the city with the intent to start a law firm, but found it extreemly difficult in a place where no man had quarel with another. Within a year of his arival, people started disapearing, geting injured, violated or killed and began blaming one another. It seems that no matter how much they pretended to have the perfect existence, they where just as grimey as the evil they tried to escape.

The Grand Counsel Room- Here is where the leaders of Hkokor rule. In the latest year it has ran an echo of old men arguing and bickering. The seats of the Elf and Tiefling representatives has become vacant as they have become sick of the animosity and gone their seperate ways, back to their nomadic existences.

The Thunder Dome- This enormous cage is where scores are setteled and where men die. In Hkokor, most grivances are solved by brutal combat, where the viewers chant “Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves”. The two people who have violent quarell pit their strength and wits in the massive arena that is twice the size of the Hall of Justice, and the one structure visible from outside the walls, now fifty feet tall.

The Halls of Justice- In the grand courtrooms of the hall of justice, the fates of beings are judged by imposing figures. Beneath the shadowed courtrooms, are the ajuctant offices, where bamboo scrolls keep record of the preceedings, and below that, the Dungeons of Voss that where once tombs of great kings. There are rumors that the restless dead still haunt sections of it and are used to administer frightfull deaths on the particularly henous. Bellow even that, is The Great Hell Furnace of Aeos. Here the bodies of those who die in the dungeons are cremated to brittle fragments of dust that are used for construction. The chimneys that reach up through the center of the building is used as a collumn, except on the dungeon level, where sometimes prisoners have their flesh seared as they are chained to the great metal tube. The workers of this infernal pit, though never seen, are thought to be enormous mole like deamons with hearts blacker than the hole they reside.

Cheap Side- Where once was the great residence district that held many happy communities, is now a slum rife with poverty and crime. The Dagger of Dunes makes its base here, along with many other gangs. There are many shops and markets here but it’s mostly residences.

The Coin Purse- Most trade goods are sold here, at the market. This is where thieves and pickpockets spend the majority of their time, as do the Justice Enforcers.

The Garden District- There are a few parts of the city that retain their former beauty, and those are the gardens. There are great trees that supply a huge ammount of fruit which is the cities main export. Within the center of the gardens is a fountain called the well of love. Many love stricken men have asked women to marry them here when there was still comradery. Even though there is still coruption here as well. On the trails that people frequently take walks rogues have set up to rob the occasional passerby. It is said that at night the screams of victims of depraved crimes echo for eternity within the Well of Love.


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