The term goblinoid encompases a wide range of speces that include Goblins, Hob-Goblins, Orcs, Half-Orks, Trolls, and Bugbears.

Goblins- Curious creatures, about half the size of a human, and twice the temper. They have long pointed noses and ears that are varying shades of green skin. Some are members of society, often being middle class or higher. They are very conservative with their money, and very cunning. The majority of them live in stand alone clans, acting on what they currently need or want. There are two major tribes:

The Sun tribe: These diminutive goblins worship the sun with daily sacrifices and constant incantations. They populate the southern savannas and coasts. They are a major source of slaves and beasts of war. They wage war with their personal contingent of bugbear mercenaries known as “The Eagle Warriors”

The Moon tribe: Goblins of the northeast savanna make their existence by farming giant moths and making silk with magical qualities. The silk is amazingly high quality, but astronomically
expensive, and difficult to make. They worship the moon with nightly hunts and celebration. They play host to a knightly order of monks who regularly go on quests for glory and treasure.

Hob-Goblins- These lethal killers are the nightmare of all things, even the cruelest and most empty hearted creatures ever to walk the face of Eden. They are renouned for their sick and devious minds due most to their practice of slaughtering whole families one at a time, not for ritual, or for suplies, but for the pleasure of hearing the blood gargling screams of the innocent and helpless. They do not consort with the majority of society, but live solitary lives and rove in small warbands of murderers out of battle advatage than a need of friendship. They have a particular hate of the Imer who they reserve their greatest torture for, The Szatra-ka, where they force their victims to drink a concoction that makes the drinker in a perpetual state of pain, but remarkably resiliant to physical harm, as the Hob-Goblins amplify the pain by slowly eat their victims from toe and finger to torso.

Orks- The barbaric and brutal warrior breed, is dreaded all across Eaden. The irks are identified by their grayish skin complexion, dark oily black hair, and menacing maw full of sharp wolf like teeth. In the war for Eaden, they could be found on both sides, because the only thing that can sway the actions of an ork is the promise of bloodshed and combat. Now, the roam all over Eaden, forever looking for towns to raid, cities to besiege, and innocents to slaughter. The numbers of these groups are beginning to dwindle as militant groups fed up with the attacks began to retaliate, hunting and destroying bands of orks by the hundreds. The numbers of the remaining orks is deemed “manageable” my many authorities, as the orca raid less frequently, but seem to have begun formally joining many forces as conscripts, offering fighting skill, for integration into society. The majority of orks now serve the southern tribe and are their bulk military force.

Half-Orks-Through the course of orkish raids, crossbreeding with humans often occurs. Half-orks are one of the fewer races in Eaden, as they are one of the most hated. The nagpa, however often employ them as slave drivers and enforcers, as they have the immense strength of an ork, with the business savvy of any fiscally minded human. But this does not entail that they are patently cruel, for many half-orks occupy powerful positions in society in certain places.

Trolls-The least intelligent and most scarce of all the races in Eaden, trolls are regarded widely as little more than monsters. Standing 8-10 feet tall, and with rough, warty skin, trolls are amphibious, although it is not uncommon for trolls tho occupy caves further inland, but mainly stick to the coast. Trolls often populate the nightmares of many sailors, as there are stories of trolls clinging to the bottom of sea faring ships, and when the ship leaves harbor far from the reach of help, climbing aboard, and devouring the crew.

Bugbears-The fur covered beasts called bugbears, are the largest of the civilized races, standing 7-9 feet tall, and wielding strength that is known to shatter stone walls with relative ease. Although not the most intelligent of people, bugbears commonly speak well and even understand concepts of mathematics, science and literature. Bugbears are normal and accepted parts of civilization, holding positions in office sometimes.

However, that isn’t to say that bugbears are particularly bright. They exhibit little independence, generally preferring to follow orders than lead. They have a profound affinity for goblins, commonly serving as bodyguards or assistants. The largest known populace of bugbears, resides in the southern tribe of goblins, presumably as soldiers.


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