The Elves of Eden are a bitter people, their civilization and homes nothing but dust they must now wander. There are only a few artifacts that remind the present Elves of their past glory and these are guarded heirlooms that a tribe would be more than willing to war over.

The Elves have olive skin and hair that is either white, blond or black. Their eyes are blue or green and piercing. The elves have a deep connection to the land, and before the Haksoon destroyed their forest homes they lived for thousands of years. Now that their homeland has been destroyed it is rare for an Elf to live past 100, though they never grow old as humans do. The Elves are known for being quick of movement and thought.

The Elves once had a vibrant culture among the ancient forests of Eden before the Haksoon destroyed it, now nothing remains. The Elves have a deep distrust and malice for humanity, and especially the Haksoon. Elven raiders are a constant danger in the Dune Sea. The only race the Elves seem to have something of a friendly relationship with are the Niyyat Gnolls.

Captured Elven females are worth a veritable fortune in the slave markets of Eden and many Nagpas lead raiding parties with the express goal of capturing them. For this the Elves hold Nagpas in even greater contempt than humans and many have launched counterattacks to free their enslaved relatives.


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