Bast, the First City of Eden. Its pyramids cast their dark shadow all over the Dune Sea and can be seen from miles around like some evil specter or deadly mirage.

Bast was the seat of the Haksoon Empire and even its ruins still have something of a noble bearing despite the blood staining every rock it was built upon. A good portion of Bast is now buried under shifting tides of sand, but the vast majority of it stil stand behind its intact walls. The ruins of Bast that survive are larger than all the City-States put together, a testament to its ancient might.

In the final days of the city it was surrounded by the demonic hordes of Yeenoghu, but none of them entered the city. Yeenoghu and him alone claimed the right to that slaughter.

Yeenoghu smashed the great gates of Bast to pieces with one sing of the Tripple flail and entered the city. Bast boasted the most powerfull miliary that has ever marched upon the soil of Eden. Yeenoghu slaughtered every living being in the city within the space of a week before declaring it Scourged.

Bast now lies abandoned, but not empty. No one knows exactly what has taken occupation of the city, but it is not human. Dark horrors stalk the empty ruins and halls of Bast, neither demon nor mortal but something…else...


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