Ahma, or “The Kingdom of Jasmin” is the only city located near the ocean. Edens ocean is high in salt and therefore undrinkable, but boasts a huge array of underwater life and so fishing is a major occupation at Ahma.

However, what Ahma is known for is not the seafood, but the massive gambling halls, drug dens and brothels. Ahma is the city that never sleeps. Ruled by the Tyrant-Lord Jasom Raseth, a morbidly obese man totally addicted to all physical pleasures, Ahma is considered to be a degenerate city where any vice can be fulfilled if you have the right amount of gold.

Many tourists arrive here hearing of its reputation, but the streets of Ahma are the most dangerous of any city. More people disappear here than in all other cities and towns combined. It is also no coincidence that Ahma boasts the largest slave market anywhere on Eden…

The Palace of Raseth

Closed to the public, Jasom’s palace has been described as being unimaginably depraved by some, and an earthly heaven by others.

The Gambling Halls

Huge casinos are everywhere inside Ahma, some more honorable than others. Many people walk into an Ahma gambling hall with gold, few leave with it. Some though have managed to win it big and there seem to be no end to the suckers who would try and do the same.

The Drug Dens

Drugs of all kinds can be found for public sale in Ahma, and many markets offer comfortable places in which to use them. The Drug Dens are also the political and criminal center of Ahma, and a great amount of information is passed around here. The drug dens are also often connected with a brothel.

The Brothels

The slave-brothels of Ahma are common, and virtually any pleasure no matter how deviant can be fulfilled here if you know the right place and the right person.

The Slave-Markets

The marketplace of Ahma is dominated by a massive slave-market where slaves of all races, ages and genders can be found for sale. The marketplace is run by the Nagpa overlords.

The Nagpas

While all people of Eden despise the vulture-like Nagpas, they are found in huge numbers on Ahma and virtually run a massive section of the city. They own and fund almost all the brothels, drug dens and casinos.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum of Ahma is just one more example of the cities insatiable apatite for vice. The walls of the Colosseum’s pit are lined with massive mirrors that give everyone a clear view of the fight, but that is not their main purpose.

The mirrors amplify the sunlight and sweltering heat inside the fighting pit to nearly unbearable levels. It becomes virtually impossible to fight wearing armour inside the pit as the metal plates would cook their wearers. But why make armour a liability in their Colosseum? Because the viewers dont want to see armour, or any clothing at all.

The general purpose of the Ahma Colosseum is not to witness gladiators killing each other and dangerous beasts, but to watch beautiful individuals fight in skimpy clothing or no clothing at all. Fights in the Ahma Colosseum are fought only to first blood rather than death, and victors are determined by how well they where able to put on a show for the audience rather than their combat abilities.

Ahma’s Colosseum will only hire female gladiators, and they are encouraged to not wear armour. They are also payed double if they agree to wear certain ‘specialty outfits’. The only exception to this is on Fridays, in which women pay half entree fee and only male gladiators are used.


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