The Veil of Shadows

An eligant sash worn across the head.


The wearer may reroll stealth checks
+1 to stealth


One of the relics left behind from Edens past, it makes the wearer almost translucent. In times of great sadness and strife, it is trusted to a great champion who exhibits The Virtue of Cunning, and when the crisis has been averted, they are given back to The Three Wise Maden of Eaden to be kept with other relics to assist new heros.

Though theivery and stealth is commonly accosiated with stealth the sash only finds itself users with good or selfish intentions, rather than for the purpose of evil.

_Previous owners of The Veil of Shadows:
The White Gnoll
Sheikahn of Ahnkor
Krezkahsha the Dancer in the Dark
Ormak of the Heavy Purse
Hood Lark of the Great Wild _

The Veil of Shadows

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