The Gaunlets of Ember

Black scorched steel gauntlets, inscribed with ancient runes that burn with magma like heat and emit smoke. The fingers are tipped with wicked claws.


All attacks (melee, ranged, and spell) by the wearer, now cause fire damage. Weilder is now immune to fire damage.


One of the relics left behind from Edens past, these gauntlets amplify the wielders control over fire and heat. These in times of great sadness and strife are trusted to a great champion who exhibits The Virtue of Passion, and when the crisis has been averted, they are given back to The Three Wise Maden of Eaden to be kept with other relics to assist new heros.

Despite all their power, the gauntlets are the most dangerous of all to weild for with the Virtue of Passion comes the largest presence of evil intention. Many heros in Eadens past that have earned the right to use the gauntlets, have subcome to rage and hate, and wreaked untold distruction. Never the less, these can be tools to right wrongs and find justice in the right hands.

Past wielders of The Gauntlets of Ember:
The White Gnoll
Kragash the Fair
Smoldrugh Shraggan
Kragg the Terrible
Gzove the Bloody
Lramathis Directh
Eckmach, seeker of the light

The Gaunlets of Ember

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