The Gale Blades

Twin dagers with elegant leaves on the handle with writing inscribed in the blade in ancient Oniyagan "I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar."

weapon (melee)

Two small hand weapons.
+2 to acrobatics
+1 to Agility

Once a day, you may push an enemy adjacent to you four squares away. You may not attack this turn.


One of the relics left behind from Edens past, it gifts the user unparalleled speed and agility and when spun like propelers, summons a gust of wind that blows baracades and heavy set enemies to the ground. In times of great sadness and strife, it is trusted to a great champion who exhibits The Virtue of Wild Heart, and when the crisis has been averted, they are given back to The Three Wise Maden of Eaden to be kept with other relics to assist new heros.

The spining knives often find themselves in the hands of rebels and brigands for the Virtue of the Wild Heart knows few friends. The owners are usually free from society and hold only their own views to heart, not caring the thoughts of others. The daggers grant supernatuaral speed and agility to the users to help evade those who would subdue them.

Previous owners:
The White Gnoll
Kragosh the Swift
Ayalya of Shifting Reeds
Ileeda Fiohr
Horice the Empty Mug
Klien Harshanak
The Robbing Shade Geral

The Gale Blades

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