Zkath Ram'nahs

Gnoll cleric that worships the Raven Queen and can transform into a heyena and wields a great hammer.


Born in the savannah near the city of Maghrib, was the Ohnayga gnoll Zkath Ram’nahs. Having been born Ohnayga, Zkath and his family were always being hunted by Yeenoghu and his minions. Zkath has never had any home because his family has always been on the move. His fighting skills were developed by necessity, his father told him “If you don’t learn to fight, you will be taken by demons and you will be tortured and brutally killed by Yeenoghu himself.” Zkath hated all the unnatural things in this world, and who better to send them to the goddess of death herself, the Raven Queen.

At the age of 7 a very large band of Hrozbu gnolls picked up on his family’s scent and began to easily rip apart their tiny makeshift home. As Zkath’s father fiddled with the lock to the entrance of their underground escape route(this was a very large maze of tunnels the resistance used during the uprising against Yeenoghu, and led to the families former homes and an exit in the dessert)Zkath prayed to the Raven queen for the speed of a heyena’s to aide them in their escape from the demon worshipers. Just then the lock fell to the ground and the door opened, his family in a very dark tunnel ran faster than any gnoll and were to the dessert before sunrise. The trio, after lying down in the shade of a dune for a while, realized the source of their speed. Zkath ran around his parents trying to communicate that it was the Raven Queen’s doing but they could not understand him for he knew not how to talk. The Raven Queen then spoke to Zkath telling him that he could now change back into his former self but that his parents had refused the offer, Zkath accepted the Raven Queens deal, he was able to transform between heyena and gnoll and his parents could speak human tongue as well as heyena. His parents and Zkath split ways for the terms would not be set in place till after Zkath had proved he was worthy of the heyena form.

After roaming the dessert for 2 years alone as a heyena Zkath happened upon 2 Hrozbu gnolls one carrying a regular supply pack and the other carrying an elongated pack and burdened that gnoll quite a bit. Zkath moved in to investigate but the gnolls attacked at the sight of him (very strange for a gnoll to attack a heyena) he killed both of his attackers and received a large gash on the left side of his rib cage. In his starved heyena state, Zkath ate the Hrozbu’s (an act he only permits when starving and in heyena form). After he had finished his meal he realized he had been returned to his former self and was told by the Raven Queen to open both bags, in the normal one he found a pack of much needed supplies(food, water, camping supplies, and first aid), in the abnormal bag he found an elegant 2 handed hammer, and a full set of magical armor that transforms with him when he decides to go heyena. He decided to head to Hkokor to try to recruit a band of warriors to aide him in his battle against the forces of the unnatural, but first……. He thanked the Raven Queen for her most gracious gift.

Minor Goals:

  • Restore the Ohnayga clan to it’s former glory
  • Restore the name of the legendary white gnoll
  • Build a temple over the body of Yeenoghu devoted to the Raven Queen
  • Become immortal and perhaps serve beside the Raven Queen’s side
  • Find his parents

Major Goals:

  • Play a vital role in the death of Yeenoghu
  • Lead a Large army to kill every unnatural beast created by human magic or is demonic in origin (other than Tieflings, Howlers, sphinxes, and of course gnolls) and other Yeenoghu followers.
  • Be remembered for Generations if Immortallity is not reached

Zkath Ram'nahs

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