Skinny, old man with rugged skin, and wears a strange hat made of woven reeds and carries a notched cane.


South of Tahir, there is a farming community, that is one of the quietest and peaceful places in all of Eaden. The only thing close to troubles that can be found here are head scratching questions (at least to the locals) is what to do with the excess crops. One night, a group of Imerian peace keepers came into town and the captain of the group, fell in love with Perch, the local shepards daughter. But before the young captain could resign his post, and settle down, he was called away, to combat a growing threat to the south, leaving Perch pregnant. When the child was born, he was named Zheek, after his father.

The boy, never fit in with the other village children, being particularly adventurous. His only real friend, was an inex that had lost it’s herd, and wandered into the village. When he found her, she was starving, and hurt badly. He nursed her back to health and named her Bessie. The two where never far apart, whether it be catching vulture-flies, digging holes, or sleeping under an old fampassa tree.

Zheek’s mother died when he was 10, of heart glow fever. The very next day, Zheek and Bessie left, with the intention of finding his father. Two years later, he found a statue of a warrior on horseback, with an engraving that read: “The great defender of the south gate, whom we owe the continuance of this city, in the defense of the deamon worshiping scourge, Zheek, captain of the Imerian dragoons.” The statue was of his father. It didn’t bother him that his father was dead, because he knew, his father had lived to the fullest, defending the innocent, and protecting peace.

Zheek jr decided to see the world, and began a business running a caravan, clienting merchants and mercenaries alike. In his 40 years of business, there is barley a patch of dirt, sand or rock that he and his trusty inex haven’t tread.


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