Zara Marek


“I’ll steal anything that isn’t nailed down or on fire. Anything I can pry up isn’t nailed down, anything I can extinguish isn’t on fire.”

Zara is a bit of a runt, standing at 5’4—rather short for a tiefling— and only weighs in at 120 lbs. She has pale reddish skin, large yellow eyes, and keeps her teal hair cut short, to keep it out of her face. She usually wears light, durable clothes, along with any shiny bits of jewelry that happen to catch her eye. She fights with a pair of daggers, which she calls “Binky” and “Boo.”


Zara and her sister, Jin, were born into the Marek tribe, a nomadic tribe of shepherds who wander dune sea. Their mother was greatly weakened by both births, and passed away when Zara was three and Jin seven. Despite this, the two were not treated with the hostility tieflings are usually met with, and were usually avoided rather than tormented. After the death of their mother, the two were taken in by their uncle and his family. The family accepted the two without resentment, but avoided them like the rest of the tribe.

The sisters were very close, Zara always right on Jin’s heels. Zara looked up to her strong, tough sister, though the two couldn’t have been more different. While Jin was calm, stoic, and mature, Zara was loud, hyper, and naive. Both girls were trained in combat, in order to fend off wolves, bandits, and other threats to the sheep, but Zara didn’t excel at it the way her sister did. Zara did have a gift for agility, and was known for being able to bring messages from one end of the camp to the other faster than any of the other children. She was also connected with the disappearance of many sweets over the years, but was never caught.

Zara had a happy childhood, despite its hardships, but could see that her sister was far from content. Jin longed for true acceptance, and she knew she would never find it among the Marek. When Zara was thirteen, Jin left for the nearby city of Tahir to seek her fortune, promising to send for her sister when she was settled. The letter never came.

Zara spent two years waiting for word from her sister before she got fed up, leaving the caravan in search of her sibling. Zara’s search eventually led her to Hkokor, where she became affiliated with the Dagger of the Dunes and picked up several tricks from the members of the gang. Eventually, after almost a year of searching, Zara learned of her sister’s fate.

On the way to the city, Jin was captured by slavers and sold to the arena there. Six months prior, she had been killed in an attempt to escape. Zara, heartbroken by the news, was unsure what to do next. Her reason for coming to the city, her sister, was long dead, and Zara felt like she had no purpose. She gladly accepted the job of escorting a small group of gnolls to Ahma, hoping to find solace in the journey.

Current Objectives

-Take down any and all slavers she comes across

-Escort party to Ahma

-Find more objectives

Zara Marek

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