Yyxle Yahp'ka


Infernal pact Gnoll Warlock


“I have killed hundreds, and shed blood on a thousand occasions. I have heard the screams of agony from friend and foe alike. I have forfeit the souls of innocents to painfull and dismal fates that carry over into eternity. My sanity has almost left me, and the will to partake in the niceties of what little is good and green in this world has never existed in me. How dare you question my conviction for vengeance.” -Yyxle confronting his father

Yyxle Yahp’ka was born to the Towering Rock tribe, a band of gnolls who where shunned for the rest for their display of compassion. One day, whilst playing a game with the other pups in the tribe, his playmates beat him unconscious and thought he was dead. He had awoken two days later, and returned to his village which was raided, and ransacked, finding his family dead and devoured by one of the hated parties of enemy gnolls.

He finds whe remains of his proud father, now naught but bones and scattered flesh. There he sat and mourned his father and after almost a week of tears seething with bitterness, collapsed from exhaustion. In a grief soaked dream, his father instructed him to take his skull to the towering rock their clan was named after. He performed the grisly deed and a great storm cloud mustered its might above, sending a crimson bolt of lighting onto the skull, knocking Yyxle to the ground.

But the skull did not fall asunder, but levitate in a ghostly red mist, with fire emitting from the eye sockets. His father had tied his soul to the skull and wished to accompany Yyxle on the task set before him. His destiny was to find the culprits for the murder of his clan, and bring swift and terrible judgment upon them with the fearsome magic that he now wielded. This would be no easy task, and his chances of survival slim.

He had little in the way of a childhood when living in the wilderness, being taught by his father. Growing up in the wild, learning to harness his magical talents, Yyxle had little in the way of friends. In his spare time, he mostly talked to dead animals or rocks, but one day he was playing on a pile of rubish, left by one of the passing caravans, and he found a section of a book. It was called The Great Big Book of Useless Spells and Yyxle read it cover to cover (or rather cover to page ten, for the rest of the pages where missing), and frequently practices the spells in it. It is his most prized possesion, for what kind of sorcerer would he be without a spell book? After the book burnings of the Great Ban, he is one of the few who still have one.

He has shown that he is more than capable on handling himself in battle on more than one occasion, through weilding the powers granted to him by the magical ligtning bolt that jolted his father back into the mortal plane. The majority of his abilities are to sling bodies of blood red fire and scarlet ligting into his enemies, but as his power grows, his powers become more touched with a demonic caress, such as being accompanied by the screams of the damned, or instead of fire, horned skulls cackling wildly leaving a trail of smoke and ichor.

He now resides in the town of Hkokor, as a lawyer, developing his social skills, and gaining contacts in the demonic realms, which he is not above using to better his court cases by planting evidence, spiriting away witnesses to grisly fates, possessing jury members, and other foul, underhanded tricks. But his time in Hkokor is coming to an end. Who knows where “The Deal maker, Soul taker extrodinare”’s travels will take him next?

Minor Goals:

  • Trick a Deamon into his eternal service.
  • Eat the flesh of an indefinite deamon.
  • Attend the “Royal Academy of Law”.
  • Own a high quality robe made from rair cloth.
  • Own a complete spellbook. (Complete)

Major Goals:

  • Destroy the tribe that destroyed his.
  • Lay his fathers soul to rest.

Yyxle Yahp'ka

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