Khomag Suldus


Khomag Soldus did not have a very auspicious birth. He was found as a pup still lacking teeth, abandoned upon a large, bloodstained rock surrounded by the skeletons of other young gnolls. The fact that he was found still alive might be considered fortunate, if it where not for the fact he was discovered by the Nagpa slaver Skex Zu. Seeing the pup-gnoll as a free slave, Skex rescued him from death, but instead chained him to a life of butchery and death.

It can never be known of Skex knew that the strange gnoll with the white fur and black stripes he had rescued was one of the last surviving members of the Ohnayga Bloodline, or if knowing this would have changed his attitude towards his slave at all.

Khomag was raised by Skex to be a gladiator, to fight and die for his master. The training and treatment was brutal. The Nagpa are not known for their generosity to slaves, but Gnolls are a hardy race that are made to fight and the traits of the Ohnayga Bloodline helped save Khomags life on numerous occasions.

Khomags first fight was at the age of five where he was pitted against a pack of starved Baazrags in the small fighting pit of a dusty outskirt-town. Khomag fought without weapons or armour, with tooth and claw. It was hard to tell which was hungrier, the rabid Baazrags, the starved Gnoll, or the crowd baying for bloodsport. Against the odds, Khomag triumphed in this fight through sheer ferocity. It was also here that he gained his name. A tribe of the Imer had watched the fight and where impressed enough with this nameless gnoll slave that they named him after one of their ancient chieftains.

Now that Khomag had proven his value, the real training began. Skex gave the young gnoll to a gladiator training barracks in Maghrib where Khomag was taught how to fight with many weapons and in many fighting styles. It was also here that Khomag met the only person that has ever been important to him, a female Tiefling slave named Jin who was also training in the barracks. Though the gladiator training and fights where grueling, this was the happiest time of the young Gnolls life. It ended all to soon though. Skex returned to claim his slave, and Khomag was dragged away in chains. He has heard nothing of the fate of Jin who remained at Maghrib.

Skex brought his Khomag to the Thunder Dome of Hkokor where he was introduced as a villain, the crowd booing and hissing his name. Khomag easily crushed every opponent that was sent against him, and gradually the fickle crowds mood began to change. Khomag seems unbeatable in the arena, no man, beast, elf or orc can best him. Not only is a consummate fighter, he also knows how to give the crowd an excellent show.

Khomag has gone from the crowds hated foe, to their greatest hero in Hkokor. Where once they cried out for his opponents to slaw him, they now chant his name while waving his banners (sold at a very exorbitant price by his master Skex).

However, for a gladiator fame brings danger. Now that Khomag has become the person to bet on, should he by chance lose then anyone who bet agaisnt him could make a fortune. The person who stands to gain the most by Khomags death is his own cruel master, Skex, who is not above rigging a few fights against his slave…

Minor goals 1. Gain some money 2. Own something of his own

Major goals 1. Discover what happened to the tiefling gladiator Jin 2. Gain his freedom

Khomag Suldus

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