Jossi the Juggler


Jossi is the 20 year old Elf leader of the criminal gang known as the Dagger of the Dunes or simply The Dagger.

Jossi was born among the Hajj tribe and grew up as a nomad. Coming of age, she entered the city of Hkokor in order to seek better opportunities. Perhaps due to racial prejudices, Jossi could find no honorable means of employ and so founded a gang. After only four years of operation the Dagger of the Dunes has become one of the largest and most profitable criminal organizations on Eden with branches in every city and many towns.

Despite its formidable name, gang members of the Dagger are prohibited from certain criminal activities such as murder, rape and other nastier elements (anyone breaking this ‘Thief’s Code’ is soon found inexplicably tied up in front of the local magistrates office). Instead, they make money through racketeering, pickpocketing and theft.

Jossi herself has a cheerful and pleasant demeanor which combines with impressive intelligence and great beauty. To most citizens of Hkokor she is a simple juggler peddling for coins known for impressive feats of dexterity, but in reality runs the greatest network of petty criminal activity this side of the ocean.

Recently Jossi was apparently caught in the act by one of Hkokors officers of the law and, if convicted, faced enslavement or worse. The night she was caught, the famous Gnoll-Lawyer Yyxle Yahp’ka was delivered a note.

The contents of the note hinted that unless he defended Jossi in court he would be reviled as practicing magic, a crime punishable by death (or worse). Next morning the court was surprised by the sudden arrival of the famous Lawyer who managed to prove Jossi was not only innocent, but framed due to the incredible confession of the officer who caught her.

Since that incident Jossi and Yyxle have stayed in contact, both providing aid and information to the other. Jossi has offered the gnoll a position in The Dagger, but he has declined. If the nature of their relationship where not so criminal they might even call each other friends.

Jossi the Juggler

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