Illijaz Zoran


Gnoll assasin weilding two sais.


“I will be silent as a heartbeat to a deff man, as invisible as wind to a blind man. I will be as deadly as barbed wire passing through the vein, as merciless as a disease, and as unstoppable as the rising sun. I am death incarnate, a messenger of The Raven Queen, and I am here to administer justice upon the weak.” -Ilijaz Zoran, introducing herself to Jossi, crime boss of the Dagger of the Dunes.

Illijaz was born unwanted, and unable to be provided for. Her parents, members of a traveling circus gave her to a family of humans who accepted her with the intent to make her a servant. During the girls upbringing, she was treated like one of the familly, and was accepted amogst most of the rest of the village. She even got a paying job as a bar maid. But no matter how much she was fitting in with the humans, she felt alone and isolated, for the call of the pack was overcoming her. Uppon her 8th birthday, (17 in gnoll years) she set out into the desert to find herself. After a month of barley surviving, subsisting on insects and licking the sand stained dew off her fur in the mornings, she crossed uppon a band of Niyyat gnolls.

For a year, the Tribe taught her the ways of The Raven Queen, the history of their people, how to use a weapon, where the vital spots on every creature that braved the sands, and even began to train her in the “Death Dance” of Salat. But before her training was complete, her instructor and greatest friend died of old age. When he passed, Ilijaz was stricken with grief and vowed then and there to never invest emotion in anything, so that she may never feel weekness ever again. She set out on her second journey to complete her training, and vanquish all that is evil and in the eyes of The Black Maiden.

Minor goals:
*Set a good name for all Gnolls.
*Own a buisness
*Live in luxury

Major goals:
*Complete training and become a full Dervish
*Find a pack to call her own

Illijaz Zoran

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